Phanteks announces T30 120mm Fan and Glacier One 240 T30 AIO

Today, Phanteks announced its all-new T30 120 mm fan alongside an update to the already popular Glacier One series AIO CPU coolers. The new T30 120 mm fan ($29.99) features a mode switch that allows the user to select between three different fan configurations including Advanced Mode, Performance Mode, and Hybrid Mode. The Advanced Mode option is for extreme performance and allows the fan to spin up to 3000 RPM. The Performance Mode setting is used to accomplish a balance between performance and noise with a maximum fan speed of 2000 RPM. Finally, the Hybrid mode furthers noise reduction by allowing the fan to remain at 0 RPM until the PWM signal reaches 50%. The top speed for Hybrid Mode is set to 1200 RPM. The Glacier One 240 T30 AIO CPU Cooler ($169.99) adds a pair of T30 120 mm fans to the already famous Glacier One AIO cooler. Below are some highlights from the Phanteks press release and product information sheets.