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Lamptron Touch Fan Controller Review

It has been a little while since Lamptron released their flagship, FC-5 fan controller (now known as the FC5V2, which fixes screen contrast issues). In the interim they did release the FC-6, which is just a lower wattage FC5V2. Now they have leaped forward a bit and are releasing the Touch, Lamptron’s first touch-screen controller. Read More

NZXT Releases External Touch-Screen Fan Controller

Who said all fan controllers are created equal? Certainly not, in fact just in the past six months, we looked at several different fan controllers, analyzing performance and design. After investigating the offerings from several top manufacturers, including Lamptron (FC-2 and FC-3, FC-5), Scythe and even an older NZXT model, clearly the new NZXT Sentry LXE is by far the best-looking fan controller out there. Read More