3DMark Storage Benchmark

UL Adds New Storage Benchmark to 3DMark Suite

On Saturday, UL Benchmark added a new storage benchmark to its popular 3DMark benchmarking suite. Before 3DMark Storage Benchmark, users had to rely on either synthetic or single game benchmarks. This latest option now provides a range of real-world gaming performance by sampling multiple games and providing a much broader result. Users can then compare their results to others online. UL is currently offering its storage benchmark for $2.99 through Steam or the UL website for 3DMark Advanced Edition users or as a free upgrade for 3DMark Professional Edition users. For more information, continue reading UL’s press release below.

3DMark Sampler Feedback Feature Test

UL’s 3DMark Adds Sampler Feedback Feature Test for DirectX 12 Ultimate

Recently, UL Benchmarks added an additional test to its 3DMark benchmarking suite called the Sampler Feedback feature test. This latest addition utilizes DirectX 12 Ultimate and allows game developers feedback for optimizing the many aspects necessary for game design. The feedback this new feature test provides focuses on texture space shading for optimizing the game engines. Below is UL Benchmark’s press release about the Sampler Feedback feature test and DirectX 12 Ultimate.


UL Benchmark Launches CPU Profile Benchmarking Software

Yesterday, UL Benchmark added CPU Profile to their 3DMark Advanced and Professional Edition benchmarking software. CPU Profile runs six tests on the CPU determining 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and maximum threads to provide a comparative rating to other CPUs.  If you currently own a copy of 3DMark Advanced Edition it is currently available as a free update. If you would like to purchase this useful tool you can buy it from Steam for only $4.49 until July 8th, 2021. The press release below has additional details along with links.