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EVGA Z97 FTW Motherboard Review

Freshly released with the Devil’s Canyon CPUs is EVGA’s Z97 motherboard lineup. Falling in the middle of this new lineup is the Z97 FTW. This motherboard is marketed toward a more budget-minded crowd than the flagship Z97 Classified. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that the Z97 FTW is going to perform poorly though, because it doesn’t. The Z97 FTW is still designed to push any i5 or i7 to the limits of your cooling and loaded with nifty features that both new builders and veterans can appreciate! Read More

MSI Z97 XPower AC Motherboard Review

With the release of Intel’s Z97 chipset, we have seen motherboards of nearly all flavors get reviewed here. From budget conscious boards all the way up to the ‘I am made for extreme overclocking as a primary function’ type boards. Today, we get to look at MSI’s flagship motherboard, the Z97 XPower AC. This board is a step above the previously reviewed MPower MAX AC in both physical size (it’s E-ATX) and by way of additional features and accessories. Being their flagship motherboard, overclocking should not be a problem even under extreme conditions such as LN2. According to MSI, this board broke some world records while using LN2 cooling… Exciting! Let’s get down to business… Read More

ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Motherboard Review

Today brings another offering boasting Intel’s new Z97 chipset. This new series of motherboards brings compatibility with future Broadwell CPUs, M.2 SSDs, and SATA Express, along with other smaller changes. ASRock has released multiple boards on the Z97 chipset from their OC, Extreme, and Fatal1ty lines. This motherboard, as you can guess, is part of the Extreme series. Even though it isn’t part of the OC series this board has plenty of overclocking features, but it targets the more “average” user. Read More

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review

Today we will be looking at BIOSTAR’s first Z97 chipset based offering, their Hi-Fi Z97WE board. If you remember, last year we reviewed the Hi-Fi Z87X 3D. This board appears to fall into the same budget board category boasting a lot of audio features. Let’s take a look at see how this board shakes out! Read More

EVGA Z97 Classified Motherboard Review

Unlike previous platform releases where EVGA was a bit slow to market, they were quick on the trigger with their Z97 chipset based motherboard offerings. As we saw with EVGA’s Z87 motherboards, we again have the Classified, FTW, and Stinger models to fill out their Z97 lineup. Today, we’ll take a look at EVGA’s flagship Z97 Classified. When EVGA slaps the Classified name on one of their products, you can be sure it’s loaded with enthusiast level features that the overclocking and gaming crowds look for. So, let’s run the EVGA Z97 Classified through our review process and see if it performs at a level worthy of the Classified name! Read More

MSI Z97 MPower MAX AC Motherboard Review

With the release of a new chipset, Intel’s Z97 this time around, board partners have their inevitable releases to go along with it. At a high-level, the big changes are the future Haswell refresh and Broadwell support and new, faster, storage abilities. We’ve had a review published already with a bit more detail on the chipset. MSI is one of those partners and has released a series of Z97 based boards from their Gamer Series to the Overclock Series. Today, we are lucky enough to take a look at a board from the Overclock Series, the MSI Z97 MPwer MAX AC. The board is geared towards overclocking, but has plenty of other features that should make it a well-rounded offering. Read More

GIGABYTE Launches Full Range of New 9 Series Motherboards

GIGABYTE is wasting little time bringing a full slate of motherboards featuring the new Z97 and H97 chipset to market. The popular G1 Gaming and Ultra Durable series lead the pack with no less than ten and twelve offerings respectively. Two Super Overclocking (SOC) boards and three Black Edition boards will also be released. Read More

Intel Upcoming 9-series Chipset Won't Support Haswell

Website Xbit Labs reports that upcoming Intel chipsets for mainstream desktop processors will implement support for yet-unnamed “Haswell Refresh” CPU and future Broadwell parts. Other information leaked points to the fact that those new chipsets will not support current Haswell processors, thus effectively making the 8-series motherboards single generation products with no upgrade path. Read More