Take the GORB Back to the Future

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ED Note: I think this is the best use for a GORB:

While hanging a ?shelf? in my bathroom, I slipped and banged my head on the toilet, THAT’S when it came to me, the Flux Capacitor!
[stolen from Back to the Future]

Well, ok, it’s crazier……..

What looks like a flux capacitor, yet attaches to your CPU?

The GORB Block!

If you examine your GORB – there is about a 7/8″ block of aluminium in the base. Get your drill and drill some holes in the base. You can’t do a normal cross block because the mounting holes for the fan go about 1/2 way into the block. So, I drilled three holes, one input and two outputs.

Now, I was planning on making (having made) a copper waterblock, with
aluminium pins on the top, that could be air cooled in case of a pump


I’m changing hardware (need to put 90 degree fittings in) so it’s easy to show the drill holes. I recommend using a Dremel to clear the fins over the lower end of the block before drilling; I just drilled the fins away and it caused me some grief.


There is one intake and two outlets, this is because:

A) The Gorb is round;
B) The holes for the fan mounts go 1/2 way into the block;
at least it should prevent outlet restrictions.


This was hand drilled, no press, no real vise (not repeat, NOT recommended – should send photo of flesh wound) and I’m stunned that it does not leak.
This is what happens when you get a wild hair up your butt at 7PM on a
Monday night after the hardware store closes, you just do it.

I am looking for a stronger pump to put some pressure into it. I took it to 90 psi with an air compressor, and it held for the 10 minutes I tested it for.

Now, putting three big holes in the GORB does not affect the performance
much, perhaps 1 degree Celsius, but that could be due to environmental
reasons (three lamps on instead of 1). I need to work on the case elements before I install the thing into my system.

Paul Driver


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