Testing 650Es

I had a chance to do some detailed overclocking on 7 cB0 P3 650’s over the last 2 days.

All the same S-Spec,plant, week and all very close in numbers. Its pretty surprising to see how much they varied.

This was the test bed:

  • Abit BF6
  • 256 megs of Micron PC133.
  • V3 3000 AGP @ 202mhz .
  • Diamond MX 300 sound card.
  • Adaptec AAA-133U2 RAID controller.
  • 5-18.2 Gig Seagate Cheetas in RAID 5 for data.
  • 2- 9.1 Gig IBM Ultrastars in RAID 0 for the OS.
  • 1- 9.1 Gig IBM Ultrastar for the swapfile.
  • Alpha P3 125.

All the chips had the S-Spec of SL3XK (OEM), all were made in Malay, all had the same batch number of 90190136-XXXX. The only difference is the last 4 numbers of the batch number.

Each chip was bought up into Windows 2000.. and ran Prime 95 till it either crashed at a given mhz or ran for an hour with no crashes.

Here’s the results:

Processor numberSpeedVoltage
0119930Mhz1.9V (worst)
0125975Mhz1.75V (best)

The rest of my system has been tested stable to 152 mhz FSB, so the limits you see here are the limits of the chip.

I’m a bit suprised that the chip thats running 975 @ 1.75v wont go any faster. Not that 975 is slow by any means! Its also nice to see all of them made low to mid 900’s without much hassle.

Hope this helps your readers some.

(Editorial note: Yes, it does. Please note the different results from what is essentially the same batch of cookies made together. Thanks for all the effort, Jim!)

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