The 10K Survey

We asked you about the 10K Western Digital Raptors a little while back.

Thanks to all who responded.

We’re going to break the data into two: between those who current own one and those that don’t. Most of the questions were aimed at one group or the other, so the answers will come from one group or the other.

Question 1

Do you own a Raptor?

a) Yes
b) No

About a third of those surveyed said they had one. I wouldn’t take that as a necessarily significant figure (those who have one would be a lot more likely to answer than those that don’t), but it’s probably safe to say that they’re not some sort of freaky rarity on the desktop.

Question 2

If you own a Raptor, are you glad you bought one?

a) Yes
b) No

Raptor Owners Said:





From their votes and comments, Raptor owners were quite happy about their drives, and as you’ll see in their comments the next page.
What might be of interest to non-Raptor owners is that there was little complaint about heat and noise, two factors that Raptor owners
fairly often cited as reasons not to own one.

Speed, of course, was generally the most important reason why people bought Raptors, but increased reliability was not far behind. Quite a few people cited multiple hard drive failures (especially from IBM/Hitachi “Deathstars” as they were universally called) and went to Raptors for a higher level of reliability.

Another trend found in the Raptor owner’s comments was “space fatigue.” As you’ll see, many said, “Yeah, they’re on the small side, but how much space do I really need?”

Many balanced out the need for speed and the need for space by using the Raptors for OS and programs, and 7200 rpm hard drives for data.

Positive Raptor Reports…

Negative Raptor Comments…

Why I Don’t Have One…

They cost too much per gigabyte


Cost is fine; they aren’t big enough


I have tons of unused hard drive space as is