The Amphibious Computer

Two days ago, I woke up, went in to turn on my computer, and noticed a sign from my dad saying “Water cooler leaking, use fan and try computer”.

I freaked out!

I had tested my cooling system for days to make sure all was well. I stuck on my Coolmaster fan and tried a boot…nothing. I called my dad to ask him what happened; apparently, he had turned it on forgetting to plug in the pump.

After about 5 minutes of my 900 MHz T-Bird at 1.79 volts running without cooling – it crashed. Realizing his mistake, he plugged the pump back in. Unfortunately, the 2Cool copper waterblock had gotten so hot, it MELTED the tubing running to it!*

Water sprayed out onto my beautiful T-Bird and Asus A7V, flowing down the board and under the slots for my Radeon 64meg video card and SB Live! X-Gamer (both barely a week old). I thought it was cooked for good, as I’m sure anyone would.

I took everything out and set it around, praying for a silicone miracle. After over a can of air and a day of waiting, I plugged it all in and guess what? Yup, BIOS comes up saying it had been improperly shutdown and I praised the maker for making my computer amphibious.

So remember to PLUG IN YOUR WATER PUMP! If you use a water cooled system.

*For a picture of something similar go HERE.

Jared Parker

Ed Note: Better yet, hook up a relay so that every time you turn on the PC, the water pump switches on. Here’s how to do it. If that’s too much, just use a power strip with the PC and water pump on it.

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