The Athlon XP-M . . . .

People are overclocking the XP Mobile 2500+ chip from AMD. Why?

1) It allows for greater manipulation of the multiplier on the chip than current multiplier-locked Bartons (just how much depends on the mobo you have) and

2) Since it is certified to run at default speed at a lower voltage than desktop Bartons, at least some (probably more like most) are reporting somewhat better overclocking results than with desktop Bartons.

While reports of the capacity of this chip have been a little exaggerated (it’s not guaranteed to hit 2.7GHz on air, like some news reports have suggested); it is doing at least as well or better than the desktop chips.

If you’re already getting pretty decent results from a TBredB/Barton combo, this isn’t a revolutionary improvement, so it isn’t “toss what you have now out the window” but it certainly ought to be the O/Cing chip of choice for any new socket A system, and some may find the improvement they get worth the $100 it costs.

But don’t take my word for it. Let the folks who have been overclocking the thing tell you all about it. 🙂


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