The Big Secret

News Items: AMD Accidentally Sends Out PR Schedule Talk about non-news! With one possible exception (see below), could anybody give me a single good reason why any of this is such a big secret?

The China announcements are the only items that for a number of possible reasons could be sensitive, but I have my doubts even about that.

Intel? Yeah, they’re scared s**tless in Santa Clara just waiting for the ax to fall, ’cause it’s all over when the Athlon64 logo gets announced. 🙂

If AMD had a 2.5 or 3.0GHz Opteron waiting in the wings to spring on Intel this fall, now that would be something worth keeping secret. But they don’t, and Intel could have figured out a 2.0GHz was coming just from reading a few hardware sites (like that’s the only way they could find out).

I mean, really, you don’t think Intel hasn’t ripped Hammers apart and understands the technical issues and problems with Hammers just about as well as the AMD engineers, much less us?


The Big Secret Is: There Is No Big Secret


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