The Case Of The Vanishing Serial Port

Some time ago I purchased a Tyan Thunder K7 board. At the time it offered
all I needed, even the two serial ports for both my modems.

Well, to be short, I’ve been using one of my modems all this time because the
second serial port has never worked right.

I was just at Tyan’s site looking at the new Thunder K7X board and noted it only had one serial
port, which is fine. However, my motherboard now “has” only one serial port, too.

Everytime I have ever questioned them about this, they
never reply.

I think it is time the media got everyone involved to
question them about this issue.

I’d like to see a serial addon board that
actually works (I have tried several) with this board be sent out to those
who wish it.

(Ed.note: Anybody else have anything to say on the issue? Anything that reminds me of 1984 is something I’m interested in, so send any comments to me, and I’ll forward them to Hobo Bob.


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