The Epox 8KHA+: Being Practical . . .

The last few weeks, there’s been a decent amount of discussion about the Epox 8KHA+ being or not being able to accommodate video cards like the Visiontek Ti4600. Some people can, some people can’t.

What Epox essentially said about it is that they initially used big, heavy-duty capacitors because they thought they needed them for DDR. They later found that the capacitors they had initially used were overkill, so they went with
smaller/fewer capacitors. (You can see the Epox statements, which include what you should do about this here)

This is all well and good, but it really doesn’t answer the practical issue for most current Epox 8KHA+ owners. They want to know whether or not they’re going to have this problem with their particular motherboard.


If you happen to have both an Epox 8KHA+ and the Visiontek Ti4600 card, whether it fits or not, could you please take a ruler to the capacitors in question and tell me how tall yours are, and whether or not the card fits or not?

That way, anybody else can just do this simple measurement and know whether or not they have this potential problem.

It may well be that somebody’s already thought of this, and I haven’t come across it. If that’s the case, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so if you know where it is, just send me the link, and that will be good enough.


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