The Grinch That Stole Christmas

AMD Bartons Coming With Multiplier Locks

In the results of our survey the other day, a lot of you wanted Santa to bring you a Barton 2500+.

Unfortunately, it looks like AMD has decided to play Grinch this Christmas and mess up at least some of your plans.

It looks like the latest Bartons coming out are coming out with a form of multiplier lock.

The link is to our forum, but people are also reporting this problem in plenty of other forums with AMD users.

No, it doesn’t matter if you have an nForce2 board, or even a brand new mobo.

What This Is

This is still a developing story, so it’s not clear yet whether or not there is absolutely nothing that can be done about changing the multiplier by hacking the chip, or just how AMD is locking it.

What is clear is that if you get one of these processors, changing the multiplier will no longer be easy.

What This Is Not

None of this prevents FSB overclocking, though FSB overclocking alone at the least means more expensive, faster RAM to get a 2500+ Barton up to a respectable speed.

It’s Not The Act; It’s The Silence…


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