The Next Story . . .

The big story the next few weeks, maybe the next few months, will be Conroe availability.

So far, things aren’t looking too good, especially for the upper-end models.

Per Intel, no Conroes bought on the retail side are supposed to ship before August 7. If the discussion at TankGuys is any indicator, E6399s and E6400s are available, but E6600s and up are not.

There’s virtually nothing on Pricewatch for the E6600. Newegg doesn’t list them, Zipzoomfly indicates they only have the E6300 in stock, with no indication as to when the others might show up.

Monarch Computer is hoping to get Conroes and Conroe systems out on or before Auguest 31, but they’re not guaranteeing anything, and even warn “Price may go up so order early!”

Dell isn’t promising any Conroe systems for another month or more. HP claims a quick build date, but given what everyone else is saying; I wouldn’t bet on that.

The Hard Cold Truth

Intel promised little and is delivering less. They promised three-four million Core2Duos this quarter, they’re only going to deliver one.

Well, that’s one difference between AMD and Intel. When AMD can’t deliver, they stay quiet and if forced to speak, they say nothing’s wrong until it stops being wrong.

In contrast, when Intel can’t deliver, they brazenly boast about it, and the media morons pretty much just mindlessly suck it up.

Press IQ notwithstanding, it’s almost certain now that we’re going to be faced with shortages the next few weeks, and probably months, and already I see some little tykes on the pre-order line practically saying, “But you promised,” to the retailer, like he didn’t fab enough CPUs.

What should be your response to that?


If you haven’t already, this is a good time to learn patience. Let the other children try to outbid each other on this stuff. You won’t be able to buy a DX-10 video card for another month or two anyway, so find something better to do the next couple months, and take another peek in October.

I understand some may be heading to college and want/need a new computer/notebook in the next few weeks. I feel your pain. I personally have an educational-type in-law in my life who needs a notebook for work when school starts up again in a month. I would prefer to get her a Merom-based computer; but based on what I’m seeing; I don’t think I can get a live box in my hands in time.

Outside of that, well, you could always get yourself a new computer for the spring semester. Maybe you’ll end up with an AMD machine instead; maybe you can get one with a DX10 card and Vista.

I know none of this is going to be appealing to “I want it now” bunch, but you can’t always get what you want, and this is one of those times.

Better to chill than pay an outsized bill.


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