The Not-Code

A while back, we asked you for your Athlon codes to see if there really was a downgrade code.

What we found was that while the codes might look that way for most processors, there were enough exceptions to disprove the idea.

We found high-rated processors with “downgrade” code that were lower than its rated speed.

We found TBreds with codes that would indicate that they were Bartons.

We also noticed that in general, the newer the processor, the higher the downgrade code, with the shift occurring within a week or two.

What This Really Is

The originator of this revised his explanatory article to indicate that these two digits are actually the laser marker ID used for chip tracing (scroll down about 75% down the page and see “Update” after “Part VII”).

So this turned out to be a coincidence. Certainly don’t fault the guy; he made a reasonable guess that just didn’t pan out; it isn’t like AMD (or Intel) would ever publish information like that.

Be happy that AMD does seem to have its process down well enough for something like this to happen. 🙂

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