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The OCForums Folding Team Needs Your Help!
Help the Team and you could win a prize!
By the time you read this, our very own team 32 will have likely dropped from its position of #3 in the world. For several months now, team Maximum PC has been revving their engines and giving us a good run for the money. However, despite the efforts of our many dedicated folders we have not been able to outpace them.


In an effort to once again reclaim our rightful position, the folding team is seeking your help! From April 1 to May 4 the team is running a multi-part contest — with prizes including an Intel Core I7 rig, an EVGA GTX 295, and a PS3!!

To get started, check out one of the threads below!

Some other interesting links:

Only with your help can we stop them!

Let us band together as fellow overclockers and show them what we are made of!

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