The Prime Culprit

A very common complaint among PIV C1 users has been that Prime95 collapses on them while other stability checks go merrily on its way at the same speed, and that Prime only stabilizes at speeds much lower than the other tests.

While Prime has often been more sensitive than others in the past, it seems to be more so than usual here.

The problem might not be your machine, but an older version of Prime 95.

If you go to Prime 95’s revision history, you’ll see that a number of changes were made in versions 22.2-22.6 to correct bugs that created erroneous errors. In particular, versions 22.2 and 22.3 have revisions made because “version 21 was too aggressive in choosing FFT sizes for the P4.”

This may/might be the reason why at least some machines are failing Prime 95 at speeds a good deal lower than other stability tests. Then again, it may well not; for instance, many of you may have well downloaded the last version when you tested your C1 in the first place.

But that’s what experimenting is for, to look into all the possibilities, and see whether or not any of them is the cause. My suspicion is that this isn’t THE reason, but may be the case in a few cases, especially when the error occurs well into testing.

If you want to see if that’s the case for your machine, download the latest version of Prime, and see if it stays stable at a speed higher than the earlier version.

Tell me if you does or doesn’t (or if you used the latest version in your initial test, and the machine still died sooner rather than later, tell me that, too).

If it does we’ll report on it; if it doesn’t, we’ll report on that, too.

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