The Slow Bug . . .

Do you know what the problem with the K10 generation is? It has the notorious slow bug:

“the B0 core had a few bugs including the one that keeps AMD from clocking the CPU at very high frequencies.”

This is like saying, “There’s nothing really wrong with my greatgrandfather in the nursing home. He just has the “old” bug.”

And that’s the point of the spin. It tries to imply that the terrible current speeds of K10 is due to a trifle, which, when fixed, will yield speed demons.

Sorry, but it’s usually a lot more involved than that.

I’m beginning to think that AMD has laid off their PR staff to save money and outsourced it to some creative writing workshop.

I guess that’s better (or at least less sleazy) than the comment I saw someplace the other day which said something like, “We won’t release our product until our partners are ready,” like it’s their fault.

The reality is AMD will spin and step until they have something they can push out the door, then continue to spin and step until they get it right.

In the meantime, Intel has been reported to have its own slow bug:

“The 3 GHz core will run at up to an additional 300 MHz and that’s about it.”

I’m actually inclined to believe those numbers because Intel has been a bit . . . gingerly . . . in demonstrating Penryn, especially the unofficial “look Ma, I have an engineering sample” kind.

In any event, a new spinning will be due shortly, and while overclocking opportunities may be slimmer with early Penryns than it was with early C2Ds, maybe disappointing some overclockers in a few months is a much better position to be in than maybe disappointing everybody.


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