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People often ask about tweaks to improve their system performance. There’s more than one way to skin a cat; you don’t need a bigger engine if you can make the engine you got work better.

We’ve come up with a few in our time; 4-way interleaving for one, but there are good places that have come up with lots of good initial research to come up with a lot of good tweaks. And they deserve credit (and hits) for them. There’s no need on the Internet for one place to have everything, and in all honesty, if one place tried, they’d either spend a whole lot of effort reinventing the wheel, or just steal the work of others.

What would be desirable, though, is one place where you could go to all those good places with all those good tweaks. How often have you used a good tweak, but then you had to format your hard drive, or you lost your bookmarks, and you just couldn’t find it again easily?

The Tweak Seek

This is what I would like to do:

I’d like to have a permanent section where you can link to valuable tweak sources, plus have link to specific tweaks, along with descriptions.

Of course, a valuable tweak is in the mind of the tweaker. I don’t want to have a million specific tweaks listed, but I do want to list the specific
tweaks YOU find most valuable.

And this is where we need your help. I’m going to start the ball rolling with several good general sources for tweaks. You tell me which ones you use and find helpful, and which new ones I should add (and where they are).

If you’re a website, please feel free to forward us your tweaks. (But please don’t just grab them from other people; I’ll do some general checks to see if others have come up with it first. If a site shows me they came up with a tweak first, they’ll get the credit.)

Here’s a couple sites that I know have a lot of valuable tweaks: (This one is major surgery; not a tweak. It may or may not work for you.)

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