The Video Box? . . .

The Inquirer has an interesting article today which says that AMD/ATI might be considering the creation of what I call the video box

In short, rather than attempt to stick a lot of hot video cards inside the PC case, stick a lot of hot video cards inside its own case, and link to the PC with a high-speed connection.

Before we start, let’s put aside the “who” in the story. The other usual suspects have probably thought the same, and if they haven’t, they’d be quick to come up with their own. Let’s consider the “what” instead.

I’m sure all the other PC components would like this idea very much if they could think, and all say, “Thank you” if they could talk. However, I’m not sure about the reaction of one of your vital components, your wallet.

I don’t know, but when I saw this, I had a dream. I dreamed I saw this quad GPU box with gigabytes of RAM. That was the good part. Then I dreamed the $2,500 price tag. That was the bad part.

Twenty, twenty-five years ago, some comedian said something like, “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much money.” That’s what this feels like.

And like cocaine, there’s this sense of being out of control, not accepting limitations, not accepting reality, like “The PC box is starting to limit us. Well, get a separate box!!! So what if it takes kilowatts? So what if people have to put in another power line? You want to be like the pros, don’t you? DO YOU WANT TO PLAY OR NOT???!!!!!

It’s like starting off playing marbles, and the marbles grow until they’re the size of bowling balls, and the top players start using steroids just to be able to flick the new marbles around.

PCs have never been about technology. They’ve been about affordable technology, and if gamer boxes stop being affordable, there’s going to stop being a lot of them.

Then who are you going to play with?


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