The Worst of All Worlds?

Just wondering if others run into this, too.

I end up upgrading equipment fairly frequently, so I end up taking lots of little jumps.

What I’ve found doing this is that perception of speed turns into a one-way street. I never really notice a speed increase when I upgrade, but when I find myself on somebody else’s slower box, then and only then do I notice.

Mentally I understand why, but I feel this vague irrational sense of being cheated by this.

Do others feel the same way? Does that bother you a little, lot, or not at all?

I get the feeling from a lot of emails I get that a lot of people buy equipment expecting big gains, and I often tell people who seem to have such expectations that their upgrade isn’t going to give them that.

We’re hardly going to form Incremental Upgrader’s Anonymous over this, but I think a lot of people like that initial rush of a noticeably faster machine.

My perspective on this has been totally wrecked due to what I do, but I think it would be interesting to get an impression of how much of an increase it takes to get that rush.

So if you could, if you’ve gotten the “rush” from an upgrade or new computer in the last year or so, drop me a note describing how much of a jump it was, and where you really noticed it.

That way, maybe we can give people a better idea of what they’ll get, emotionally, from an upgrade.

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