There Are Ads, and Then There Are Ads

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A Mr. Kyle Bennett had a few comments about us yesterday, the key phrases being:

“If Ed thinks that *hris *om does not have the ability to control the ad content on his site, he is simply wrong. . . . I would suggest that there are certainly ways from stopping it from happening again.”

“Ever notice that all Ed does anymore is bitch about what everyone else is doing and does little himself?”

Ad Content

My comments on ad content weren’t completely correct. When that happens, no big deal here. We simply acknowledge it and correct it, as we’ve already done. I thank those who brought this to my attention.

Doing Little?

Most websites do most nuts-and-bolts work. They take something and test it. That’s a good thing to do, and quite a few places are quite good at it.

We’ve always followed the principle, “What do we bring to the party?” In short, what can we do that is different and unique from what other places do?

What is not so common are places that can analyze and interpret information from a variety of sources, put it all together, and do that well. There’s a lot of information out there which affects you that can’t be tested with a benchmark.

What’s also a bit too rare are places that are skeptical and critical about what they hear and see, and voice that.

These are the type of things we do a lot. We do them primarily because there’s not enough of what we do elsewhere, so we tend to try to balance out your computer hardware diet.

If there’s too much hype being served elsewhere, we balance it out with the less-than-positive things. If there’s too much sizzle and not much steak in a product offering, we look ahead and tell you when the steak is coming. If there are events far removed from circuits that will nonetheless rock your world, we tell you about that.

We’re not a full meal; we’re more like a vitamin supplement.

Yes, that approach is different than the average place, but that’s a good thing. We’re working just as hard, it’s just that we have to rely on some natural rather than artificial intelligence to get us the answers.

That doesn’t make nuts-and-bolts stuff bad, just that it isn’t a full balanced diet. You can and should have your daily recommended allowance of nuts-and-bolts, just balance it out occasional with a little of us, too. You don’t have to choose between the two. It’s not an either/or. Take them both, and you’ll be healthier than if you limited yourself to just one or the other.

Why would you want less rather than more?



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