Thermalright HR-22 CPU Heatsink Pictured

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New pictures of the upcoming HR-22 CPU cooler have hit the web. Thermalright’s new flagship heatsink is meant to be the successor of their already big HR-02 and is said to bring improvements in the cooling and compatibility departments, notably for use with tall memory modules.

Thermalright HR-22 - Image courtesy
Thermalright HR-22 – Image courtesy

While the official specifications haven’t been released yet, the leaked pictures point to the behemoth featuring eight 6mm heatpipes bent in a U-shape configuration and metal clips to hold a single 140mm fan. As is the tradition at Thermalright, the HR-22 is expected to contact the CPU with a nickel plated copper base and dissipate the heat by means of an aluminum fin stack. The sheer size of this unit will surely make it suitable for fanless operation on lower TDP processors; at the same time it seems ready for mounting a second set of clips for adding another 140mm fan for maximum dissipation on higher TDP CPUs.

The company did not mention any availability dates nor did it name a price. Considering the flagship status of this cooler, it is expected to be in the top of the price range, flirting with top notch AIO liquid coolers. What remains to be seen is if it can also compete in terms of performance.

Source: PC Perspective



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