They Answered Me!

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Hey Ed,

Great news about the KK266 and the 1.1 voltage not being there. Apparently, they seem to think that it is important enough to include in their next BIOS revision. Do you think we had anything to do with it?

Like I said, I sent a ton of emails to sales reps and tech support and they incorporated it. I’ve had a board from almost every major manufacturer and Iwill has been the best with respect to…

1) responding to my emails
2) making improvements
3) being able to actually talk to somebody at tech support

I’m looking forward to getting this board and my experiences so far lead me to believe that I will be buying Iwill products in the future. They were fantastic in handling my questions and concerns. THAT is refreshing compared to the brush off that I’m used to getting.

It took MSI 2 months to get a BIOS released that actually worked with the 6337 board and believe me, I called and called.

I thought that you might want to update the article about the KK266 to say that they are now going to include it in the next BIOS revision.

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