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AMD to release Zosma (Thuban) in Q2 2010 @

Fudzilla reports that AMD will be releasing a new line of Phenom II X4 CPUs along with the Phenom II X6 CPUs. This new line up will bring the competition back between AMD and Intel. Currently Intel has very low cost performance CPUs, that features Hyper-Threading and various other things that no one cares about. AMD, on the other hand, has only been able to release, after one year of the Phenom II, updated CPUs. In Q2 of 2010 AMD will release the Thuban CPUs. These CPUs will still be Phenom II CPUs with two more cores added on.

The new Phenom II X4, code named “Zosma”, will feature the same architecture as the Thuban. So similar, that reports say it is a Phenom II X6 with two cores disabled. What does this mean? Well if anyone is familiar with the Phenom II lineup, they would know that the X3, and X2 CPUs are X4s with disabled CPU cores. For the buyer this is great news. The Zosma CPUs will bring back the competition with Intel. At 95w TDP and the potential to unlock twos will create a huge market for computer builders.

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  1. Meh, quite happy with my current 955BE..... Q1 2011 will be when I want to upgrade. The time that both Intel and AMD will ahve new architectures. Will be a good time to buy if performance is close between Intel and AMD products..... :rock: