Towards Affordability . . .

Chris Tom from AMDZone in his 64/FX review made the biggest news-you-can-use discovery about the Athlon 64.

Take a look at this AMD webpage. There are two AMD processors there, and the other one isn’t a 3400+. It’s a 3000+, with a price of $278 rather than $417.

Yes, it’s called a “desktop replacement” processor, but this means they exist. It’s a lot easier selling a processor that exists to a wider range of people than one that doesn’t. 🙂

Let’s add to this a bit. See the AMD official prices:

3200+: $417
3000+: $278

Now look here at what will be the next set of official Intel prices.

3.2GHz: $417
3.0GHz: $278

Looks like the same to you?

Move ahead to February. Intel’s prices at that time are supposed to be:

3.2GHz: $278
3.0GHz: $218

Will history repeat itself?

Well, if it does, what will probably happen is that AMD will match that price. Around that same time, production ought to start up in earnest for Athlon64s, and real AMD prices have been known to rather sag from official prices when supply exceeds demand.

So if you’re hellbent on an Athlon64, but don’t quite find $400+ a “bargain” (like one reviewer infamously put it), these are signs that the price for one may soon become at least somewhat more reasonable, and perhaps better than that.


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