Tweaking Your Broadband Connection to Perfection

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After about the first month of broadband service, people start to realize that they can tweak their connection to achieve better performance.
Some people don’t even attempt to preform these tweaks because they believe they require hard registry modifications and professional
networking experience. However, better internet performance may be gained in a few minutes with minimal computer education requirements.

In order to begin tweaking your connection, you need to download a utility which will modify the registry settings for values such as TTL, MTU, etc. This handy utility is called Dr. TCP. This utility comes in a zip format – in order to run it, you should extract it to a folder or your desktop


Now that we have downloaded Dr. TCP, we need to know what values to punch in to optimize our connection. Make sure you back-up your registry before modifying anything. Visit BBR Tweak Tester II – this is a tool which tests your connection and recommends what values and settings you should use with Dr. TCP.

After you have fine-tuned all your settings and saved the configuration, reboot your PC and re-test your internet connection with a speed test. The whole process should take no more than 15 minutes and could yield substantial performance gains.

Ed. note: This is one of more than a few ways in which you can tweak your broadband connection. You can find some more here. Some may find the section dedicated to making webpages load faster particularly helpful.–Ed


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