Unattended XP Installs, errata

SUMMARY: Correction (addition) to the Part II article


On Page 6 of my recent “Windows XP Unattended Installation, Part II”, I omitted one very important detail.

Ben Kaster was kind enough to e-mail me and point out the two lines missing, which need to be added into the winnt.sif file after adding your 3rd Part applications.

The correct (complete) information should be as follows:

“Once your happy with your applications, you’ll need to add these lines (or edit them to match) into your winnt.sif file, to direct the install to the start.cmd file you’ve just created.
Open winnt.sif with Notepad, and add these lines:

This will tie everything together with what you’ve already done on the preceding pages of this article.

OemPreinstall=Yes lets Windows know there is a folder named $OEM$ present on the CD, and to copy it over onto the destination hard drive that XP is being installed onto.

UnattendSwitch=”yes” tells Setup to bypass the Welcome screens, where you would normally set up your user account(s) and internet settings.”

An updated, corrected page has been forwarded to Joe Citarella, and should be in place by the time you read this.

I apologize for the oversight in the article, and to anyone who had problems due to this omission.

Thanks again to Ben Kaster for bringing this to my attention.


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