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SUMMARY: Makes a difference but, depending on how “clogged” your PC is, maybe not all that much.

The good guys at Uniblue were nice enough to send samples of two software products, SpeedUpMyPC 3 and RegistryBooster 2. These are utilities designed to improve performance of Windows systems.

There are numerous software utilities around which claim to speed up Windows or clean up a cluttered Windows registry, so this is not unique software by any means. However, considering these areas are sensitive to your PC, I would think most folks would feel more comfortable with a commercial pay product than freeware programs (although something like RegCleaner has been around for quite some time).

Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC 3 and RegistryBooster 2 are drop-dead simple to use – this is what you see when you run SpeedUpMyPC 3:


You can go into each area and optimize different areas:


You can fine-tune memory use by allocating more or less resources to each application:


Similar options for Memory:


And you can take care of those pesky file thingys:


This is really msconfig, but dressed up and easier to use:


RegistryBooster 2

The second product from Uniblue is RegistryBooster 2. This utility is designed to clean up Windows registry, which is notorious for being more like a trash can than registry. Implementation is hands-down easy – you do a registry scan and it reports errors found – this screenshot shows the areas covered by the scan:


You’d be surprised how much clutter is in your registry!


If you click on Repair Registry, you see this:


A wise precaution – this way you can always go back if something screwy happens. After repairs you see this:


You can also defrag your registry, similar to defragging a hard drive.


I measured boot-up times for Windows XP and a number of programs before and after running Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 3 and RegistryBooster 2. I found some improvement but nothing to get excited about – for example, Windows boot up 2 seconds faster. I saw minimal improvements in other programs although I did see a substantial improvement in a family tree program called Legacy 6.0 – 7 seconds to open before vs 2 seconds after.


Depending on how fastidious you are at keeping your system clean, Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 3 and RegistryBooster 2 may be the best thing you ever did or not worth the money for minimal improvements. I would suggest that if your PC is acting really sluggish and you have not attempted any fixes, then these products just might be what you need. They are drop-dead easy to use and, at least for me, did no harm.

There is a free trial download but this will only correct 15 problems – might be instructive to see how messy your PC is.

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