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nVidia Learns From ATI

These Detonator drivers don’t do a whole lot most of the time (and anyone who think this evens the playing field against the R9700 is a nVidiot), but there does seem to be a problem with the 1X anisotropic filter not actually working.

This has fanATIcs up in arms, but, even assuming this is deliberate, this is no different than Quack 3. Both should be equally derided. If you think otherwise, your judgment has been warped by fandom.

“Up To” = Bad Words for the Wise

I’ll tell you what disturbs me most, though. The phrase “up to ___%” should automatically set off anybody’s BS alarm. If it doesn’t, mod your BS alarm.

Any marketeer or fanboy from any side who uses an “up to” number to promote his or her cause should simply have that claim be called stupid, simply because it is.

You knows, if “up to” got the contempt it deserved among the kids, maybe the adults selling the product might stop using it, too.

The problem is the marketers know Stupidity Works. So long as they can get more sales with advertisements and fanpeople saying, “up to,” they will.

So long as Stupid Works, that’s what we’ll keep getting, instead of something better.

That’s how stupidity hurts us all. When stupid suffices, we never get anything better.


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