Updated Intel Overclocking Guides

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Overclockers’ own Miahallen has published the latest edition of his popular overclocking guide including guidance for prospective buyers as well as a heightened level of detail for specific Intel microarchitectures. From the new introductory buyer’s guide published at techreaction.net:

So many users are searching around the net these days looking for advice about which components to purchase and how to overclock. This guide is not meant as a comparison between AMD, and Intel. This guide assumes you’ve already decided to purchase an Intel based system, and takes you to the next step…..deciding which one. The emphasis here is on value, overclocking, and overall system performance. If you want to continue searching out other opinions, please consider each suggestion with caution. Some will undoubtedly be great, some will not.

From the bottom of that introductory piece you will also find links to his latest overclocking guides broken out by specific Intel microarchitecture. You can access them directly from these links:

3 Step Overclocking Guide – Bloomfield & Gulftown
3 Step Overclocking Guide – Lynnfield
3 Step Overclocking Guide – Clarkdale

The response of our readers and members here at Overclockers.com to Miahallen’s original article, 3 Step Guide To Overclock Your Core i3, i5, or i7, was nothing short of spectacular. While these new editions of his guide reflect an important change for Miah as he champions new endeavors with the crew at techreaction.net, its with great pride that our community thanks him for all his contributions to the Overclocking community and we look forward to his continued presence and involvement within Overclockers.com Forums!

Readers can review Miahallen’s past articles here at Overclockers on our author page, and follow his future work by bookmarking his new author page.


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Thanks so much for the kind words guys. All of us at TechREACTION appreciate your support.

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