USB 3.0 Gaining Momentum Among Manufacturers

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Image courtesy: USB-IF
Image courtesy: USB-IF

Since the release of the new SuperSpeed USB standard, only a handful of chip manufacturers decided to produce host controllers to be implemented in devices such as computer motherboards. The most successful in doing so, NEC Electronics, produced close to three million units over the past six months, most of which were bought by Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte. This situation is about to change as two major players are expected to enter the market.

Xbit Laboratories reports that semi-conductor giant Intel Corp. is set to release its own discrete solution by the end of the year. Although upcoming 6-series chipset from Intel will not feature integrated USB 3.0 controllers, it seems Intel still believes there is profit to be made from the new standard given the current situation. Another major player in the electronics market, Texas Instruments, is also planning a controller to provide customers with USB 3.0 on motherboards, reports SemiAccurate.

These announcements bring the total of USB SuperSpeed host controllers manufacturers to at least five, including Fresco Logic and Via Technologies. The adoption rate of USB 3.0 has been slow since its release possibly due to the lack of support from the bigger names in the industry. Recent information obtained from Intel and Texas Instruments should increase the confidence of companies designing peripherals into offering new products to customers.
Sources: Xbit Laboratories and SemiAccurate


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