Useful Idiots. . .

Take a little time from your usual routine to read a little, learn a little, mourn a little.

If you wish to make a donation to help out the victims and their families, please go here.

Outside of saying, “You’ve been with us, we’re with you,” I can’t express my feelings about the attack any better than what this Australian columnist expressed. There are heroes in Australia.

But I can and will talk about the other people she mentioned, those spoken about in the second half of that column.

What I do not, can not understand are not the al-Queda terrorists, but those in the West who take ill-disguised comfort from this and side with those few fanatics who would happily massacre them given the chance. Only the suicidal love their murderers.

No one did a PC check at WTC on 911. No one quizzed the tourists at Bali. To those who kill, we all look the same.

Those who do this are bad people, and cheerleading for them is bad, too. Period.

Lenin and Stalin both used a term for those people in the West who defended the Soviet Union and slavishly apologized for it. They called them “useful idiots,” and they’re described pretty well in the first part of this article. These are Osama’s “useful idiots.”

This is not to say the U.S or the West is always right or cannot be criticized, but beware of those for whom the U.S. or the West is never, ever right.

Am I being intolerant? Let me quote US Ambassador Tom Schieffer from the second webpage mentioned above:

“It has not been given much publicity, but Osama bin Laden put out a whole laundry list of countries that needed to be attacked [and he] listed Australia, not because it was a friend of the United States, not because it had done something in the Middle East but because it had done something in East Timor, because the East Timorese were largely a Catholic population inside a Muslim state.”

Why did the Bali tourists die? Not because of Israel. Not because of Iraq. Because Australia (under the auspices and approval of the UN) helped to free a highly Catholic former Portuguese colony from the brutal occupation of their country by mostly Islamic Indonesia.

Australians did so to preserve human rights. They did so to save lives. For doing this, they did so offend Osama and Friends that the Bali tourists died for it.

What a nice guy.

I guess Osama and Company don’t really mind oppression so long as they are the ones oppressing.

This is praiseworthy? This is worth defending? No, defending and excusing this is just idiocy.

If you don’t like what Israel’s doing in the West Bank, that’s one thing. Not even America wants to see what is going on there to continue.

But this is different and bigger than that, and would still go on even if Israel magically vanished tomorrow.

Despite all those moronic monotonous mantras over lack of mentality, George Bush understands this, and the useful idiots don’t.

To Australia, my sincerest condolences. We’re with you, and not with the others.


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