V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB DDR5-6200 CL36 Review

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Packaging and Product Photos


The Manta XPrism arrived in a retail package which is a flat box. The size is about the same as other high-end RAM kits. The kit includes additional dummy modules, which is a rare sight on the market but considering DDR5 prices, it can be a good idea.

Inside we will find two smaller boxes. One contains two memory modules and the other two dummy modules. All the external and internal boxes are well described and tell us everything we need about the product.

RAM modules

V-Color Manta XPrism memory modules have a unique design. Especially the light bar is in an original shape that we can find only in V-Color RAM. A not much different design has DDR4 modules, and I won’t hide I was a bit disappointed that V-Color didn’t make more significant changes.

Two aluminum heatsinks protect memory modules with clearly marked product numbers, general clock, and voltage. The XPrism logo is worse visible because of black paint on a black heatsink.

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What is more important for most users is how memory modules look during work. Below is the test rig used for this review and the V-Color Manta XPrism. The RGB illumination perfectly matches other components like Raijintek cooling or fan LEDs.

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Dummy modules

Dummy modules were nothing interesting for a long time because RAM wasn’t so expensive, and we always needed more RAM. Since DDR5 is primarily available in 32GB kits, barely anyone needs more and could save some money. If we wish for a nice 4-stick set of glowing RAM, dummy modules seem like a great option.

Dummy modules are marked with the “RGB non-DRAM” sign and, as we can see, are using only four pins to power up RGB illumination and synchronization. Then all modules are installed on the motherboard. It’s hard to tell which one is real RAM and the dummy. Below you can see how all modules look on the Gigabyte Z690 Master motherboard.


RGB Illumination

The RGB illumination works without issues on ASUS, ASRock, MSI, and Biostar motherboards. Gigabyte isn’t officially mentioned, but it works with the latest software updates dated April 20. I give this specific date as it didn’t work on Gigabyte Z690 Master some days before. Keeping everything up to date is essential on new motherboards.

We can adjust various modes and manually change each LED on modules, as you can see above. The Z690 Master sees both RAM modules and dummy modules.

Additional option – M.2 PCIe Fulfill Kit

For those who love RGB more than functionality, V-Color designed M.2 PCIe Fulfill Kit. In short, it’s an M.2 dummy module that gives us RGB illumination. It works about the same way as dummy RAM modules. We can install it in any M.2 PCIe socket and control RGB from the motherboard’s software. If the motherboard doesn’t support the module, it will run at the default rainbow mode.

The M.2 Fulfill Kit isn’t included in the Manta XPrism package, but V-Color added it to our review kit.

The Fulfill Kit works with the most popular motherboard brands. However, it may require software updates. You cannot use your motherboard’s integrated heatsinks with this kit.

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This review will present the V-Color Manta, which was just released to stores.

V-Color isn't a popular brand in the US but is gaining fans with a balanced price and good quality. I had a chance to review previous memory kits of this manufacturer, and I'm glad to see how the brand has been improving over the last few years. V-Color also isn't afraid to release high-frequency memory kits, but sadly, most of them we can see only on the motherboards' RAM compatibility lists. Enough with the introduction; let's look at the reviewed memory kit from the Manta series.

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