V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB DDR5-6200 CL36 Review

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V-Color RAM has two advantages over most DDR5 memory kits on the market. One is the Hynix IC which is the best in the current generation of DDR5. The second is Richtek PMIC that most popular motherboards support, allowing users to set higher voltages.

Temperatures and Voltages

Since we are on Overclockers, I wasn’t limiting myself with low voltages and went up to 1.55V. As long as the airflow in the PC case is good enough, the RAM should still be stable. We have to remember that depending on many factors, memory modules may lose stability at higher frequencies and over 65°C. If you are thinking about high RAM frequencies, I’m not recommending anything above 1.45V without a directly blowing fan or water cooling. It won’t damage the RAM but may cause stability issues and waste time during stability tests.

On the test platform, there were no problems with stability up to DDR5-6800. The V-Color Manta worked surprisingly well, even up to 75°C using 1.55V. On the other hand, I was expecting lower temperatures as the Corsair memory kit could keep the temperature about five degrees Celcius lower. V-Color results are closer to what G.Skill offers.

The motherboard architecture and shorter traces are causing better signals which help in RAM overclocking. Anyone who buys a DDR5-6200 memory kit will run it at XMP settings or try to overclock, so I skipped lower frequencies that would be a step back from the XMP settings. The V-Color RAM also overclocks excellent, so why hold it back. However, I had to admit that to run this memory at more than DDR5-6400, you will need a top overclocking motherboard, and the best if it’s one of the models with two memory slots. My weapon of choice is MSI Z690 Unify-X. It’s not the best but one of the better motherboards on the market. My motherboard is limited to DDR5-6800 on two memory slots, so sadly, I won’t show any DDR5-7000+ results even though with the RAM scaling, I’m sure it can reach even more.

DDR5-6400 CL28-37-37-40 1.50V

At DDR5-6400, I could set CL28 which seems pretty impressive considering the RAM the CL36 rating. Results are also pretty good, but the motherboard is causing them worse than expected as RTL adjustment doesn’t work. ASUS motherboards should give lower latency.

DDR5-6600 CL30-38-38-44 1.50V

DDR5-6600 also wasn’t hard. Results in tests are slightly better than at DDR5-6400. We can set CL36 at 1.35V or go down to CL30 at 1.50V.

DDR5-6800 CL30-40-40-48 1.55V

DDR5-6800 could also run at CL30, but I had to set higher voltages. At this point, I would expect closer to flat 50ns latency. However, the current motherboard’s BIOS doesn’t let me adjust some settings. I will try to work some more on the V-Color Manta RAM as it’s very promising.


The V-Color Manta XPrism is a well-designed memory series. I would change some single things as I’m not a fan of the design, but the list isn’t long. For sure, the list of advantages is much longer and should convince users who until now were using only the most popular brands. The Manta XPrism performs as well as Corsair or G.Skill. It also overclocks the same, or even better, as the Corsair memory kit used in the comparison required higher voltages to reach the same frequencies as V-Color.

V-Color could work on the heatsinks or maybe different thermal pads, as competitive memory kits keep lower temperatures. It doesn’t matter at XMP settings but helps in SFF builds or overclocking. During all tests, there were no problems with stability or compatibility. The XMP profile works without issues on ASUS and MSI motherboards. It’s great news as we hear about various issues with competitive brands.

For modders or all those who love RGB illumination, V-color has dummy modules to fill the spaces a two-stick kit leaves open. Barely any brand offers kits with RGB dummy modules while they lower the price of the 4-slot RGB setup. Since I mentioned the price, the 32GB, two-module DDR5-6200 kit is $399.99, while the kit with additional two dummy modules is around $459,99. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s currently one of the best deals. The DDR5-6400 kits will cost $140 more in each version.

V-Color Manta XPrism 32GB DDR5-6200 CL36 memory kit is clearly worth the recommendation as a fast and well-designed DDR5 memory kit that overclocks high and does it in an RGB style.

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Bartosz Waluk – Woomack

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This review will present the V-Color Manta, which was just released to stores.

V-Color isn't a popular brand in the US but is gaining fans with a balanced price and good quality. I had a chance to review previous memory kits of this manufacturer, and I'm glad to see how the brand has been improving over the last few years. V-Color also isn't afraid to release high-frequency memory kits, but sadly, most of them we can see only on the motherboards' RAM compatibility lists. Enough with the introduction; let's look at the reviewed memory kit from the Manta series.

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