Vantec Easy Grip Molex Kit

SUMMARY: Something to make life a little easier….

Vantec Kit

If you ever tried to pry out a 4 pin Molex plug in a tight space, you’re going to love this product. This is particularly handy for the “space-challenged” micro ATX cases, although I’ve had my share of frustration trying to wiggle out a power plug on a hard drive or CD ROM in a tight spot.

The good guys at Vantec developed the EZ-Grip Molex Connector Kit to meet this need; the kit features

  • 10 Replacement Molex Connectors, in four colors and UV Reactive

    Vantec Clips
  • Pin extraction tool


  • Instruction sheet

It’s a very simple, elegant solution – compared to a standard plug, the Vantec plug features curved arches:


Once you change plugs, it looks like this:


Insert it into a connector, like so…

Vantec Clip

Now to remove the Vantec plug, simply squeeze the arches and it pops out:


As I said, an elegant solution!

The pin extraction tool is inserted into a Molex connector; then push the plunger and the pin pops out – very easy. Obviously, be careful to ensure that the pins are inserted into the Vantec plug in the right order – just do the pins one at a time and line up the plugs the same way.


If you routinely change plugs, or simply want some good looking UV connectors to showcase, the Vantec plugs are a neat way to go.

Thanks again to Vantec for sending this our way.

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