Vantec PIV Heatsink GSN7025

A competitive aluminum heatsink for PIV cooling. — Joe

SUMMARY: A competitive aluminum heatsink for PIV cooling.

GSN 7025

Dimensions:83 x 70 x 70mm; Weight 380 gm; Fan 70mm, 38 cfm @ 5000 rpm.

Vantec was nice enough to send us a sample of their PIV heatsink, model # GSN7025. This is an aluminum extrusion unit with 23 fins


which are spaced to allow the 70mm fan to breathe; airflow through the heatsink was quite good.

The base


is not well finished – I could feel the machining marks by dragging my fingernail over the surface; lapping should improve performance somewhat.

I do not have a PIV system (and won’t until things get more reasonable), so I modified the CPU Die Simulator to accept PIV heatsinks for testing. C/W is representative of potential on-die performance, although the interaction of the heatsink with motherboard heatpaths will modify each user’s results somewhat.



Die Temp

Ambient Temp


Vantec GSN 7025; 76 watts

57.0 C

21.8 C



The Vantec unit is competitive with other aluminum PIV units tested to date. I have not yet seen a PIV heatsink that comes close to aggressive Socket A/370 heatsinks.

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