Vantec Spectrum Fan Card

Effective and attractive accessory – Joe

SUMMARY: Effective Fan Card with nice lighting effects.


Fans: 70mm, 2400 – 4000 rpm, 18 – 30 cfm, 25 – 37 dBA

The good guys at Vantec were nice enough to send a sample of the Vantec Spectrum Fan Card to try out. The card features a total of 8 LEDs:


The card fits in an available PCI slot and features adjustable fan speeds via a slide switch on the slot cover. I found speeds to vary from 2500 to 3850 rpm. I measured noise 8″ from the fans’ intake with a Radio Shack Sound Meter and found noise levels to vary from 50 dBA to 58 dBA. At the lowest setting, the fans are quiet but noticeable; inside an enclosed case, fan noise at the lowest setting will be barely noticeable.

The LEDs are quite bright and do not vary with fan speeds, so the lighting effect is always full-on.


Vantec’s Spectrum Fan Card is an effective way to cool hot video cards, or to move air within the case. For those with case windows, the 8 LEDs throw off a fair amount of light. Overall, a nice way to cool things down with flair.

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