Vantec Spectrum UV LED Fans

Showy fans – Joe

SUMMARY: If you have a window and UV in your case, you’ll love these fans.

Vantec Fans

The good guys at Vantec were nice enough to send samples of their Spectrum 80 mm UV LED Fans. Included in the fan are three UV LEDs and the fan body is UV light sensitive.

These are ball bearing fans rated at 36 cfm @ 2900 rpm, 34 dBA, drawing 3 watts. Included with each fan is a 3 pin to 4 pin “stackable” (you can daisy chain them together) power plug adapter and mounting screws.

Power up the fans and the show starts:


The LEDs are quite bright – they could turn a 24/7 PC into a nice night light.

There are 3 LEDs situated around the periphery of the fan


that do all the work.


As long as you need 80mm fans, Vantec’s Spectrum UV LED Fans are a stylish way to go.

Thanks again to Vantec for sending these our way. The are available from The Heatsink Factory.

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