AMD cancels a Kuma dual-core and all Phenom FX processors

AMD has issued a “denial”, but if you go to that link, go to this one, too and judge for yourself how seriously this “denial” should be taken.

The fact is these Kuma cores were initially to be called Phenom X2s and were supposed to be out Q4 2007. When Q4 2007 rolled around, they got renamed Athlon 6000s and delivery was pushed backed to Q2 2008.

Well, Q2 2008 has rolled around, with no Kumas in sight, so we now get told that something will be out at the end of 2008. Personally, we suggest that Kumas be renamed Vaporons, and we strongly recommend you don’t hold your breath waiting for them.

No one gives two dung-clumps what AMD used to call Kumas or was going to call them or whether or not they were ever officially branded a particular name. Babbling about things like that are only meant to obscure the fact that they aren’t here, and that AMD roadmaps are now about as valuable as used toilet paper.

Note that AMD didn’t even try to deny the cancellation of the FX line.

The HKEPC article noted that the Kuma processor was cancelled because they would have to be priced too low to make it worth AMD’s time, effort and money to convert the fab lines. We said that last December.

If it makes no financial sense to make them now, it will make even less sense six months from now.

You know, it must be terrible to work for AMD these days. You keep promising and failing, that’s bad enough, but then you have to try to live a lie and spin the failures and pretend that everything’s OK, even when you have to know that your competitors and other informed parties know better and snicker behind your back.

It must be very stressful.


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