Voltage Mod for the Epox 8KTA3

CAUTION: Voltage modifications to any motherboard is serious stuff. The author nor Overclockers.com will not be held responsible if you try what’s outlined below and your motherboard or CPU is damaged.


To increase the VCore above 2V, just solder a Potentiometer (variable resistor – RadioShack part #271-281 ) of 4.7K ohms across the 2 points highlighted below:


I have tried many different resistors of different values and with the 4.7k trimmer, you can adjust the resistance to get the exact voltage you want. A VCore of 1.95 to 2.20V can be obtained after the voltage mod depending on how you adjust the trimmer.

I first soldered a fine wire to each of the contact points on the trimmer, then soldered the other ends to the points highlighted on the motherboard. There are no little surface mount resistors or anything you have to worry about burning up in the way (like on the ASUS A7V). The spots are empty on the motherboard where you solder the wires.


I suggest setting to voltage to the minimum in BIOS before attempting this because you don’t want to have the voltage too high when you first turn it on. You can then go to the BIOS screen that displays the current voltage information and SLOWLY turn the screw on the trimmer from side to side to fine tune the voltage to the desired level. I have included a picture of the screen showing the voltage at 2.20v.

Tom Ozahoski

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