Wanted: SLACR . . .

Yesterday, Intel did its price cut. The one specific item of most interest was the pric cut of the 2.4GHz Q6600 to $266.

Well, there’s something else you ought to know about this processor before you buy one. Go here and you’ll see that there’s now two of them. One has the s-spec SL9UM. That’s the old one, B3 stepping.

The other has the sspec SLACR, and it’s made using the new G0 stepping.

XBitLabs recently tested its Extreme brother, the QX6850, another chip using the G0 stepping, and found that it could do 3.55GHz at default voltage/high end air.

Go poking around here and you’ll read more about G0s.

However, what you’ll also read is that while the high end E6850 with the G0 juice does very well, its lower-end brothers haven’t done so well.

There’s no results in yet on Q6600s there, but there will be over the next couple weeks, so the more prudent might want to see how the pioneers fare first.

If you want to get one of these, and want to make sure you get the G0 stepping, you can go here to reserve a spot on the waitlist.


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