WD Sees The Light

Something Never Before Seen

You all have seen hardware manufacturers offer their own parts for sale. You probably have never bought from one for the simple, sane reason that (maybe outside of a clearance sale) you can find the same thing for less at a store.

For the first time I recall, somebody is actually selling their own stuff for less than the Internet stores.

Western Digital is selling the WD740GD Raptor for $220, which is $10 less than the lowest Pricewatch price.

Well, WD does charge for shipping, which does cut the price savings down to about $3 (and it will get there a bit more slowly), so this is hardly the bargain of the minute, much less century.

Update: The price was changed yesterday from $219.99 to $229.99, so any cost savings are now gone.

Nonetheless, it is good to see one manufacturer realizing that most people do shop around a little before buying. Let’s hope others realize it, too.


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