Webcast Executions

The Real Thing

Some of you have no doubt “killed” thousands in video cards. You’ve probably seen thousands of “deaths” on TV. A few of you
may have witnessed actual killings/suicides on live TV.

I doubt this particular one is going to happen, but someday, somewhere, somebody’s going to do this.

Even in the West, public executions were common until not too long ago, historically speaking. In other parts of the world, they still occur.

So I have a few questions for you:

1) Have you ever personally witnessed someone getting killed (or coming awfully close to that)?

2) Would you or would you not go to a Webcast of an execution (assume that you have a great broadband connection and you see it well)?

3) Why would you or wouldn’t you?

4) If you would, would you pay (let’s say up to $40) to do so?

5) If you would, do you think this would be a one-time interest, or would you like to see them regularly?

6) Would the kind of execution matter? Lethal injection, for instance, is nowhere near as dramatic as firing squad. Would the level of action influence whether or not you would want to see them?

7) Would the person/crime committed by the soon-to-be-deceased matter? Would the place where the execution took place matter (i.e., if the execution took place in a country you never heard of, would you be less likely to tune in for it than an execution held in your own?)

8) If you would, and would regularly, if a country found they could make good money webcasting these things, and maybe executed more people than they might have otherwise, would that affect your viewing decision?

Cut and paste the questions, and email me with your answers.

As always, I’m not going to keep track of names or anything. A reasonable argument can be made either way on this. The reason why I ask is that I find it likely we’re going to see this, and sooner rather than later.

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