Weekend Reading

Here’s a few links to articles that you may have missed.

Optical Illusions

You have to check out how the eye can be fooled – amazing!


The Terminator – For Real!

A new Navy-funded report warns against a hasty deployment of war robots, and urges programmers to include ethics subroutines — a warrior code of sorts. The alternative they say, is the possibility of a robotic atrocity, akin to the Terminator or other sci-fi movies.”


A Look into TV’s Past

If you want to wander down nostalgia lane via old TV programs, the archives are a treasure trove.


What’s REALLY Behind On-Line Dating?

“[D]o these tech-driven, algorithm-heavy sites work any better to help people find true love than the local bar, church group or chance encounter in the street?”

Good question – if you believe in the Zodiac, you’ll answer yes.


The Most RIDICULOUS Watch I’ve ever seen – Tech Gone Wild!

“The LEDs beneath the metal tell time in code…”

Gee – Guess I need a Captain Marvel Decoder Ring to tell time.




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