Weekend Waffle II

The weekend waffle is our new weekend feature where we re-cap on those articles that have proved popular, as well as sharing some community news from the Overclockers Forums and distilling some of the best news and reviews from across the internet.

Top Articles

In case you missed them the first time round, the top three articles this week are linked below.

  • Our i3/i5/i7 Overclocking Guide by MIAHALLEN proves ever popular. The full article can be found here.
  • Setting Up OS RAID with Windows 7 Ultimate by Joetek was our second most popular article this week, located here.
  • Our recent article on Overclocking the New Phenom II X6 1075T was also popular, where hokiealumnus managed to squeeze well over 4 GHz out of this new chip.

MIAHALLEN's overclocking guide proves popular
MIAHALLEN's overclocking guide proves popular

Joetek's RAID article
Joetek's RAID article

Hokie overclocked a 1075T to >4 GHz
Hokie overclocked a 1075T to >4 GHz

On the Forums

The manufacturer of the Crystal Edge acrylic case we reviewed recently has offered a 20% discount for Overclockers.com forums members. Please see this forum thread for details. It’s not the easiest case to assemble, but definitely looks the part once it’s up and running.

Crystal Edge acrylic case - 20% discount for Overclockers.com forum members
Crystal Edge acrylic case - 20% discount for Overclockers.com forum members

From the Internet

Our friends at Silent PC review (SPCR) recently published an article on torture-testing fanless power supplies. Naturally, a lot of our readers and forum members are more interested in how fast it goes rather than how quiet it is, but these fanless power supplies can prove useful for applications such as home-theatre PCs (HTPCs). The five units they tested pretty much covered the spectrum: from a modern unit that performed flawlessly, to units that cope alright, to a unit that appeared to be ATX 1.3! Also on SPCR is a review of a rather nice-looking small form-factor Lian Li case, the PC-Q08.

SPCR test some fanless PSUs
SPCR test some fanless PSUs

SPCR review the Lian Li PC-Q08
SPCR review the Lian Li PC-Q08

It’s not quite overclocking, but The Hill report that the FCC will soon be able to regulate the volume of TV adverts.

Browser statistics from CNet.com (found via HardOCP.com) show that Google Chrome has made steady gains in browser share over the past year.

Finally, Conceivably Tech report that the current trend of adding more and more cores to personal computer CPUs may soon hit a ‘soft wall’ at 48 cores, and face considerable efficiency issues at 16. These limitations will require new operating system design to overcom.

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Weekend Waffle II
by David

The second instalment of our Weekend Waffle.

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