What A Time For A Game!

Doom 3 is being alleged to come out August 3.

Normally, game releases like these encourage computer sales.

This time around, it may very well discourage them a bit.

How so?

When this game comes out, there really isn’t going to be a suitable new killer platform for it. A Prescott LGA 775 platform is too hot/dubious; socket 939 is too expensive.

The only feasible “new” platfrom is socket 754, and even there, odds are PCI Express boards for it will either not be out, or just out of the oven and not quite stable yet.

Of course, there’s all those XP and Northwood systems out there.

No doubt many will upgrade their video cards to handle Doom 3.

And that will be it.

In fact, that video card upgrade will probably be the last major upgrade a lot of people will make for quite some time.

More importantly, that expensive upgrade will discourage people from upgrading their platform afterwards simply because by the time they might be tempted to do so, they’ll have to replace the video card, too.

When it rains, it pours.


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