What Fans Do

Air flow can make a difference in your temps.

I modified a Enlight 9810 Full Tower Server case with 2 power supplies and 6 extra fans. My test system is a ASUS P3V4X, P3 700 @ 945 1.85V, ASUS GeForce2 GTS 64meg (core 225/mem 430), SBLive! sound card, SMC NIC, and an ALPHA 3125 w/ 23 CFM Sunon fans. Room temperature is 71F.

I started with a Roltron 6.75 inch, 235 CFM, 24 volt fan. I cut a hole in the lower front blowing in.

Then I took four 80 mm Sunon fans and placed two blowing out the side above the CPU and the PCI slots. I then took the other two and placed them blowing out the back behind the CPU.

I also have two Sunon fans I put in the power supply that are also blowing out.

Last but not least is the 92mm Mini Ace 25 fan (25 CFM) blowing out the other side towards the top.

I turned all fans off except the one in the power supply that powers the components. I ran 3DMark2000, then immediately ran Stability Test. My CPU bumped 104F as the highest temperature, and ran an average of 102F full load and 91F IDLE after tests. The chipset was 91F throughout.

Then I turned on all the fans. I ran the same tests as before. This time, 95F was the highest temperature, the average under load was 92F, and I ended up with 78F running idle. The chipset itself never budged from 71F room temperature.

That’s what you get from having good air flow through your case.

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