What Is Fusion?

What is Fusion?  Fusion is an AMD utility that won’t run on most AMD systems.  Its goal is to fix that problem. 

Is this just more hate speech from Ed about AMD?  No, it’s meant to clear minds from hype and open your eyes to what AMD is really trying to do.     

AMD is trying to establish a brand name among gamers, a sort of gaming Centrino.  It’s meant to promote packages consisting of an AMD processor and an AMD motherboard chipset using AMD graphics.  Maybe in a few years, it will mean more than that, maybe it will mean some great mind meld between CPU and GPU, but for the next year or two, buying all-AMD is all it means.  

Since the sum of the current combination is less than that of the competition’s parts (mostly due to CPU weakness), AMD had to come up with some reason to want to buy such a thing, so they came up with this utility that will let anybody overclock a little and also shut off OS and other services that might make a computer burp when it’s gaming. 

This is certainly not a bad thing, but it’s only meant to work in newish all-AMD systems, but even newish AMD systems are mostly not all-AMD systems.   You see, there’s this evil corporation named nVidia.  Once upon a time, nVidia was once one of AMD’s best friends, but after AMD bought ATI and got into nVidia’s core businesses, that made them really evil.  How could a company that has a majority of the mobo and graphics business that AMD wants be anything else?  So this brand name and utility is meant to stop that. 

Maybe someday this Fusion brand will seriously take on that other Evil Empire, but for now, Fusion is mostly aimed at the green, not the blue, Empire in the Clone OEM wars.   


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