What Should We Do When There’s Nothing To Do?

As you’ve might have noticed, there’s not a whole lot going on. Even Joe is saying the cooling area is cooling off.

Different places react different ways to that. Some places (probably the most honest of the bunch) just don’t post anything. However, after a week, even honesty gets old.

Others toss up an occasional review or two of a transitional product, then tell you it’s a transitional product that you really shouldn’t buy. Gee, you hardly need to run 82 benchmarks first to figure that out.

Those places that can think a bit outside the box have been talking about subjects tangential to the computer hardware field (like us), but if I’m getting bored writing a steady diet of them, what must you be reading them?

This dry spell won’t last a lot longer; we’ll see some items of interest in about 30-60 days, but after that, it’s going to be a long, dry summer and early fall.

So that being the case, just what do you want us to do during these periods when there really isn’t much going on?

Now, please, don’t come up with “Why don’t you spend thousands and thousands of dollars and test umpteen zillion combinations so I can buy the best ___.” We’re not going to do that kind of thing.

Besides that, though, we’d appreciate your thoughts about this and maybe too about how not just us, but the whole computer hardware area is or isn’t meeting your needs.


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